My faith is critical to my life – absolutely essential to all that I do.  The Bible talks about what we see as only part of the story and that a deeper war is raging in the spiritual realm for the hearts of humanity.  When I think about my day or pursuits without the lens of God’s work and Word things seem impossible.  A common mistake that I make in my life isn’t stopping or becoming lazy but trying to do things by my own wisdom and strength.

This isn’t a new problem, it’s the same one that Israel wrestled with throughout the Old Testament and still wrestle with today.  God designed them to live in relationship with Him, empowered by His Spirit and immersed in grace and mercy, not from their own works.  I tend to slip in the exact same way as the Israelites and have to regularly return to the feet of God in repentant confession as to my own pride and idolatry.

My aim each day is to love Jesus more than the day before.  He set aside what was rightfully His to live the life I can’t and die the death I should.  My eternity is secured not by my work but by His righteousness imputed to me.

To God be the glory with all that I am and all that I do.

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