We all ask this question – the bonus of a post like this is that we can read and ponder it without worrying about what facial expressions we’re making or what our ‘real’ response is. There is a fundamental battle in the heart of every human being and that battle is about who we love the most.

If I’m honest, most of the time my default answer is me. We live in a culture where everything is marketed to me and the prevailing mindset is that I am ultimate and my personal satisfaction is the pinnacle of my existence.  We don’t often think about sacrificing for others or what a life focused outward really means.

This year at Eastern Hills we are focusing on Reaching Out because we believe that The Gospel is for Everyone. This is an easy thing to say but a hard thing to practice, especially in church world because we always want a little more for ourselves or a little more preparation before we are ‘ready’ to take the next step.

What’s crazy is that’s not even close to the way Jesus did it. He equipped as He did ministry. He loved people and invested in them at the same time. He offers us a similar model, that ‘as we go’ we should be making disciples. I came across this video online and I couldn’t help but make the connection between Francis’ points and the hope we have for this year.

Take a look at it and if you can spare 5 nights over 10 weeks this fall; sign up for a Reach Group.


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