We’re in a total life transition right now.  Over the next few weeks we will move to Colorado and follow the call of God on our lives to join the team at Eastern Hills Community Church.  We knew this change would bring lots of feelings and tensions as we prepare to say goodbye to so many deep relationships and step into the unknown.

I think the part I didn’t feel as prepared for was how overwhelming it would all be.  We’ve been in the northwest for more than seven years and many people that we have journeyed with, have watched us have all three of our kids, grow as parents, partners in ministry, partners in life and children of the King…they’re family to us now.  The support we’ve received in this transition has been incredible, even as people are expressing sadness and disappointment, they are sharing deep care and support for what God has planned for the Kingdom through our obedience to His call on our lives.

Between the goodbyes of our church here, the challenges and joys of moving our family and the excitement of stepping into a dynamic ministry with incredible impact for a growing community that needs the hope of Jesus…we are overwhelmed.

The natural reaction is to pull back or hide these feelings but God has been showing me through great counsel, amazing provision and old (and new!) friendships that He will meet us in the overwhelming reality of today.

Ultimately the Gospel frees us from having to handle everything ourselves, and when I’m overwhelmed it becomes much easier to depend on the grace of Jesus in every area of my life.  I don’t know what season you are in right now but I can tell you that the moment you feel most overwhelmed may be the moment God is speaking to you the loudest to trust Him more fully and rely on Him in the areas you can’t control (and there are a lot more of those than we realize).

Here’s to the overwhelming reality of God’s Kingdom expanding on earth as it is in heaven…

8 Comments on “Overwhelmed”

  1. Phil,
    This is exactly why I think you are so dynamic as a pastor and a person. You are so transparent and the presence of the Holy Spirit is so evident. In our selfishness,some of us thought you would be the heir apparent to the retiring of Pastor Gary. But obviously God has other plans for you and your family.I will miss you kneeing before every service in prayer and then delivering messages that where hard at times but you where being obedient to what the Lord laid on your heart. Hopefully your new church realizes what a extra special gift from the Lord they just received:-)

  2. Welcome to EHills and to Denver! – – ok…really Aurora. 🙂 We are looking forward to hearing your sermons and watching the changes that you and Jesus have in store for us. If there’s anything I can do to help your move to Denver/Aurora, please let me know!

  3. Dear EuBank Family, You are in our thoughts and prayers during this overwhelming transition. Please know that on the other end of your trip you will have a whole score of people eager and willing to do what ever is necessary to make the transition go smooth on this end. As surely as you can lean on the Lord in times of need, you will be able to lean on able bodied people here! Our arms are opened wide to welcome you to your new home!

    • Dear EuBank Family, We are hoping the your remaining days in Washington are being filled with loving memories. And that your trip out here with be safe and smooth.

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