Taking a Radical Next Step

When someone needs an organ transplant, it’s more than just their need that determines viability.  There are innumerable tests to confirm compatibility – that both the donor and the recipient are a match.  At the beginning of the process, it feels like a remote possibility, but as tests confirm the match and the day of the transplant approaches, it must be incredible.  Being given a new opportunity, allowing yourself to dream about living in that kind of a fit with new energy and stamina for what lies ahead.

Over the last several months, Alyssa and I have been looking for this kind of match in a local church that God has been preparing us for.  He has opened many doors and challenged us to lean more deeply on Him as we discern what’s next.

Last weekend we spent time as a family with an incredible faith community in Aurora, Colorado, and sensed God’s preparation and call in our hearts to join their team.  Beginning March 1st, we will join Eastern Hills Community Church as their Senior Pastor.  We’re thrilled as we think about the opportunity God has provided for us to join a great team of men and women, as well as a faith community in a city that is more than 90% unchurched.  Eastern Hills is built to Reach Out, Go Deep, and Partner with Families…and we’re in!

The tough part on this side of a transition is saying goodbye to where God has blessed our family for the last five years.  Westminster Chapel is a community of loving and supportive people that have watched our family grow and have been patient as God has continued to grow and stretch me.  Loving and leading in the northwest was a clear call on our life that we do not leave lightly, but we are incredibly thankful for the way the Westminster has supported us, even in our transition.

We have a lot to learn in a new place and with new opportunities, but we know the Gospel will challenge us to rely more on Jesus in this season in our home, in our church, and in our city…for His Glory.

Grace and peace,

Phil & Alyssa

PS. One more thing.  One of my new teammates down in Aurora really needs your help.  His wife is dealing with ongoing and unthinkable physical challenges.  By all accounts she is an incredible daughter of the King and if you can help resource her next step in care, it would be a great encouragement. https://www.gofundme.com/hopeforAlisha



1 Comments on “Taking a Radical Next Step”

  1. Hoping this letter and your day was received in graciousness by all. Praying for you and your family throughout this transition. I sure it will be tough, but God will sustain you……find peace in him.


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