Gospel Mentoring: Part Six – Challenging in Gospel Progress


As a kid, there were times when my parents wanted us all to go for a drive to nowhere. I hated it! It felt like such a waste of time to drive down endless roads simply for the “fun of it.” Isn’t it crazy how motivating it is to have a goal? Gospel mentoring must include people who challenge us to Gospel Progress. There are lots of people in our lives who love us right where we are and are just fine with us staying right there, but Gospel mentors point to the call of God on our life to something bigger and something more than status quo.

The Gospel has a baseline of unconditional love and that love has to be the foundation of this kind of pressure in relationship. We must understand that we are challenging or being challenged because of this love, not in spite of it. When our mentoring relationships don’t have this aspect of pressing towards Gospel progress, we just end up having a fine connection over coffee but meandering through the seasons of life without all that is available to us from this relationship.

I will often ask the guys I mentor to write down goals for our mentoring relationship before we’ve even met. Then we talk about how we can trust Jesus for those things. I immediately know what to pray for and perhaps what we will use as resources for our time together.

One of the major gaps here can be when mentors challenge mentorees without being vulnerable about their own Gospel progress. What are the areas in which God is asking them to pursue and grow? If I’m asking and praying for great things in the life of someone else then I should have stories and testimony of how God is currently molding me–not just when I was their age or in their season, but wherever God has me right now.

Questions for Reflection/Discussion:

  1. What areas of status quo that you most desire God to change in your life?
  2. How can a mentor offer you support and encouragement that will push you further?
  3. What are your greatest hopes for the next season of your life?
  4. Where has God used previous disappointments to help others in your life?

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