The Only Resolution You’ll Ever Keep…

New_Years_Revolution_wide_t_nvEverybody seems to make resolutions this time of the year.  It is astounding to consider to think about how many resolutions I’ve made to myself, God, a friend, etc and how many of them I’m simply forgotten about let alone failed at.  Doesn’t it seem like the cards are stacked against us on this?  Doesn’t it feel like the bondage of the new diet, exercise regiment, family commitment, budgeting strategy or vacation plan can be heavier and heavier burdens you’re saddled with?

Right about the time you realize the size of the real world that’s waiting after the holidays is when we start to create lists; written and memorized that encapsulate all the things we need to ‘fix’ about ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in.  Plans are good and we should look plainly at the circumstances of our life to determine where we need to head but we also need to be careful that we don’t attempt a surgery we aren’t qualified for and don’t have any tools to properly execute.

The Bible talks about the simple fact that we follow laws or rules that come from lots of places; some of them come from God, others from government authorities and some of them actually come from inside of ourselves but wherever they originate we fail them on our own.

This year what if you admitted that you have the problems but instead of just putting more on decided what could be removed from your life to create space for God to work in your heart?  That’s the organ that needs adjustment and God promises to do it.  When is the last time you saw an operating room with stacks of self-help magazines and bags of health food?  The surface-level changes you want have to be rooted in your heart or they will be temporary and forgotten sooner than applied.

Can you turn from your own way today and pray to receive what Jesus wants to do in you this year, even…maybe especially, if it’s different than what you expected?

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