Summer Camp Highs and Real Life Lows


We just returned from a week with an incredible group of students at Momentum 2013.  I had a chance to teach throughout the week on our theme of Transformation.  One of my main concerns with summer camps is that the over the top experiences and isolated environment can become so unsustainable that it sets students up for failure as they head to the real world, unprepared for the challenges they will face.

For some, they have a supportive family, great friends and a direction for life that the Gospel is already informing but for many they have distant or absent fathers, overwhelmed mothers and a friend base that makes wise decisions very difficult.  The challenge is how to present a clear picture of the Gospel for their heart, life, community and world, that reaches everyone, in one week.  We call our camp Momentum because we want it to be a significant moment with God that turns into momentum for their spiritual life but just saying it isn’t enough.  We have the same groups together at camp as we do at church each week and we work through Bible studies in small groups and large group teaching throughout each day.  I’m so thankful for everyone that dove in to make the week happen, some from the other side of the state(Shane Krumm)!

Our theme this week was the transformation of Jesus verses the information of religion.  Having understanding is good but it isn’t the total picture of living with Jesus, even the demons believe in God!  What we need is Gospel powered transformation that receives information and translates life experience through the work of God in us; it was a great collection of messages to prepare.

I pray that we saw genuine salvation of students and some community that will go beyond just a week away from the normal routine and God will use it to build relationships that help one another to love Jesus more and experience His transformation more and more over the next 358 days till next.  SO thankful for what God did this week and what He will do as we move forward this summer.

This year on the final night we talked about the spiritual battle we fight and the spiritual armor we have available to us.  I’d never preached the passage before and it was really surprising to see just how much came up that exact night that was oppressive and difficult to endure for our leaders.  I know that the testing our students endured will increase their awareness to rely on Jesus fully; He’s not our battery charger or simply our motivator…

Jesus is our oxygen.

Photos from the Week:

Video Messages from the Week:

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