Northwest Ministry Conference Notes


This Temporary Post is for Attendees of My Session on the Family Ministry Transition:

Book Recommendations for Churches in Transition:

I hope that helps you in your pursuit of bringing the Gospel to the families in your care.  Please shoot me a note if I can be praying for something specific or help in any area.



3 Comments on “Northwest Ministry Conference Notes”

  1. Thank you so much for making this information accessible.

    I was visiting Westminster this last weekend, and was struck by the clear checkpoints listed on the wall in the children’s check in area. I am on staff at a church and we are shaping our Family Ministry. Could you tell me how you came up with the parenting check points and direct me to any resources you used to create them? Also, how do you equip parents in each of those stages? Do you have any specific resources you give parents to help them be a better, coach, counselor, etc?

    You are impacting churches across the country with your clear and empowering approach to family ministry. Thank you for all you are doing! Any more that you could share with me, that I could share with my staff would be so appreciated.

    Thank you!

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