“These Kids Don’t Deserve the Lives They’ve Been Given”

Today a local High School cancelled classes because of a credible threat to student safety that was posted online last night.  The threat screams of a student’s rage and deep pain of the abuse and neglect they felt from others at their school.  They express the desire to kill others because of the behavior and attitude offenders show them everyday and receive support from other online board members to carry out the plan.

The interesting part of the post is the statement justifying his planned action, “these kids don’t deserve the lives they’ve been given.”  While I completely abhor the intended actions of the student and totally support the move by Skyline to close school today out of an abundance of caution, there is an interesting lesson to learn here.

I don’t think, contrary to cultural norms, that everyone ‘deserves’ to be somewhere or receive something.  In fact I tend to agree that none of us deserve what we have or where we are.  The position that this student takes however is to make that statement about groups of people they disapprove of while maintaining personal innocence to rationalize him as the judge of others.  The Bible calls this kind of thinking hypocrisy and we are ALL guilty of it.

When we begin to rationalize away our specific sin and rebellion while holding bitterness and anger towards others for their variances of the same patterns we are heading down a very dangerous road.  The hope that we have isn’t in being good enough to be on a list that someone else deems worthy to live but that we can’t ever be good enough…ever.

The hope of the Gospel is that we don’t have to measure up to the good that God or anyone else puts as the standard, we can’t; Jesus is our good.  He lived the life we can’t, died the death we should and lives today to invite us into a relationship that will change our hearts and lives forever.  I’m praying for the students of Skyline High School today and I hope that this student is found and he receives help for the extended harm he has experienced.  While I’m confident he needs Jesus, so does everyone he mentions in his note…

as it is written:

     ‘None is righteous, no, not one;

no one understands;

     no one seeks for God.

All have turned aside; together they have become worthless;

     no one does good,

not even one.’

Romans 3:10-12 ESV

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