A Review of “Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will”

Being on staff at a larger church sometimes puts me in the crosshairs of buzz words and cliché church words for discovering God’s specific plans for everything from where you should go to school all the way to what color shirt you should wear today.

DeYoung is a really smart and wise Pastor, he’s to the point and this work reflects his concise, yet spot on, truths concerning God’s will.  He is responding to the tendency towards hyper-spiritual, and totally non-biblical expectations of having God directly tell me what’s next in my life.

He essentially divides God’s Will into three categories: His decrees, desires and specific life direction.  The first two are described in detail and accompanied by extensive Scripture passages.  The decreed will of God is something that will be accomplished, regardless of our behavior or feelings towards it.  The desired will of God is what He wants us to do in relationship with Him and the desires are universal and clear patterns of life, no directions required.  The question of specific life direction is put in submission to the other two and in the framework of wisdom, counsel and God’s sovereignty.  In short, DeYoung challenges the reader to focus on the first two components of God’s will and trust Him in the third.

The strength of the book comes after this as he sociologically works to discover the core challenges of our culture and generation as to why this area seems so prevalent now.  His charge is that with more choices than ever and greater expectation and/or entitlement than ever, we are expecting completely unrealistic life direction.   God, he contends, wants our faithfulness and obedience through some of the same life checkpoints that have been around forever.

Lastly the book highlights profiles of people who might want specific direction and reasons for their inactivity.  He challenges that a heartfelt and wise pursuit of God in relationship with Him will result in God’s will in our lives.  More specifically he works to debunk the myth that there is a magical path of God’s specific will for our lives and without we are destined to live a second-class life as believers.

This book is balanced and thoughtful.  If this issue has been one on your mind, and it has for most of us, you should thumb through the readable, yet important content.

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