A Review of “The Meaning of Marriage”

I have to admit that heading into this book I had my doubts as to the overall impact it could have given the wealth of books with similar titles and aspirations.  In particular I was concerned that the subject matter was so wide that it would require several volumes to accomplish something significant.  I was wrong.

Keller and his bride approached the work with a very specific task in mind and while the category of marriage’s meaning might seem daunting they handled it with great skill and wisdom.  In particular the repeated theme of aiming not for a spouse that you simply love today but in Christ one you can see their future transformation and possess the personal desire to collaborate in spurring them along to it as well as that effort being reciprocated.

In an era when books that target relationships seem to be attempting to one up each other with shocking details or silly and irreverent drivel, the Kellers did a marvelous job balancing practical conversations with appropriate vulnerability into their own marriage.

The breadth of content aims for a proper Gospel understanding of marriage and not only for those already in the covenant but also those who are considering the pursuit.  Even highlighting the unique biblical teaching around singleness as God’s aim for those outside of marriage for a season or as a life calling.

This book has immediately become a source text for me as I consider marriage, both my own as well as the counsel of others.  If you think you will be a part of the 96% of people who will get married eventually or the 4% who will not, this is a book you should consider.

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