A Review of: “Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus”

Recently I finished one of the best books I’ve ever read on parenting with Gospel power and impact.  At the center of Give Them Grace is the question of how our well-meaning parenting as Christians varies from what you would see in the home of a Mormon, Jew or any other monotheistic moralist. At first I brushed off the question as ridiculous but as I pondered its implications in my own life it became very challenging.

It’s easy to quickly share a brief Gospel message but how do we understand the grace of the Gospel through the pursuit of parenting children.  Often there are overreactions and responses that flow from frustration rather than an effort to proclaim the Gospel in our parenting and a proper understanding of behavior and rules (ie. The Law).  The message that we need to hear as parents, that I need to hear as a parent, is that rules are there to show us we can’t obey them perfectly and we need Jesus.  This simple truth should come up when we correct our children and when we steer our teenagers and allow God to speak into our own lives as well.

The authors break parenting up into some very helpful categories that I think helped me to consider the ways that I parent and to be more intentional with my purpose for each action.  The categories provided are: management or oversight, Gospel nurturing, Gospel training, Gospel correction, Rehearsing Gospel Promises.

Whether you have young kids or teenagers this is a really helpful discussion you should step into and begin to inject the Gospel into your parenting.  With a focus and specific understanding of where your kids are and a freedom to both extend grace to your kids and ask for it from them when you disappoint, all of it being an avenue to re-communicate the Gospel!

With the ultimate goal of a family not being ‘good’ kids but kids that know and love Jesus and a God who is in charge of all of it.  This book was challenging, convicting, freeing and relieving all at the same time…you should read it.

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