Leadership Network | Take 1

I spend a lot of my time working on projects I know, with people I know, in circumstances I know. As I write this I’m flying back from a three day trip our Executive Team spent with Pastors and leaders who are on the cutting edge of ministry.

It was humbling to be able to be a ‘fly on the wall’ in several different situations listening to people who had more wisdom and godly experience than I will probably every acquire. What was really special was watching all of us work towards common goals of creating sustainable pathways for people to grow in leadership. Beyond charts, timelines and action plans were hearts that beat for God and connecting people with their God given passions as they discover their gifts and enter ministry. It was absolutely awesome to learn and try to soak in all the counsel and sincere passion for the Gospel impacting lives all along the way.

This week began a two year journey for us as a team that will reconnect everyone in person every six month and hold us accountable in smaller collaboration teams to action plans toward a two year vision for greater impact in leadership development. I went into our time this week unsure of what we were doing or what the value of it would be for our church but I’ve come away profoundly blessed and encouraged toward how God might use the process in these two years and beyond.

One of the things that an awesome guy I met there shared with me was the concept that vision needs to flow downstream while there needs to be room for ideas and plans to flow upstream – I am really excited about this for us as we implement new strategy to grow people and reach a lost and dying world.

As we bring our teams at Westminster into this process and share with them some of the developments over the past few days and a greater vision for leadership development please pray for a supernatural unity in our direction and focus.

For the unity our Executive Team experienced here I give God all the glory and for what He will do I give Him all the glory; all by, for and to Jesus!

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