What if?

It seems like friends of mine use Easter as the holiday to remind me how foolish they think my pursuit of God is.  Whether they once followed Jesus or not, it seems like this is the week that people are passionately in pursuit of…not Jesus.  It’s a strange phenomenon how those who deny the existence of God can be so passionate about it, when their passion is directed toward something they think is a figment of the imagination.

The underlying question I have for those who fit this category isn’t about the Biblical evidence for the messianic status of Jesus or the historical reliability of the Gospel account over thousands of years but rather, what if?  What if a Jewish man born in Bethlehem was indeed the Messiah, the promised rescuer?  What if the sin of the world demanded judgment and a loving God met His own holy requirement through the sacrifice of His own son?  The stakes for us couldn’t be higher…

Paul tells us that the law in the Old Testament, and even the law we create in our own hearts when the Old Testament isn’t present shows that we can’t abide by the standards of a holy God (Rom.2).  But rather than face this reality we exchange the truth about God for lies and we make the things He’s given us false god’s to worship (idolatry) and place ourselves at the top of every priority list (pride) (Rom.1).

Easter is the day in which Christianity went from being something that is an ethereal philosophy of those who followed Jesus to the only means by which a dead person could be made alive (2 Cor.5).  There is one way, one truth and one life that grants a sinful people access to a sinless God and His name is Jesus (Jn.14).  No matter how many people say otherwise or how unpopular it becomes to share the truth (2 Tim.4).  Tomorrow we celebrate someone dying for us and demonstrating power like no one has ever done in rising from the dead, we need the same power demonstrated in our death spiritually (Rom.5).  We are corpses of sin in need of the same resurrection power, without it we have no hope and should be pitied more than anyone (1 Cor.15).  But by grace alone through faith alone in the finished work of Jesus we can experience peace with God and an eternity with Him that begins right now (Col.1:22,23).

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