So You’re Saying There’s A Chance…

This frenzy today is crazy and we should take a step back and consider what it says about us as a people.  We are desperate to find a way to get rich quick and to be the one who ‘figures out’ the right combination of completely random numbers to obtain the mega millions jackpot.

First, if we step back and consider how the jackpot has escalated to this amount its because no one has won the drawing and as a result the payoff has continued to rise.  We have this innate desire to continue to try at things even when they are impossible and for all intents and purposes this drawing is the epitome that reality(1 in 175,711,536).

I think the greater question is why we find it necessary to continue to try when it doesn’t work.  The answer is as basic as they come…pride.  We think we are the exception to every rule and the hero of every story.  When we read the Bible it seems that this isn’t a new phenomenon.  God gave Israel the law as a means of showing them it was impossible to be like God and they need His daily provision and the Messiah (Jesus) to make a way for their relationship.  Instead of accepting this they dug their heels in and made every possible legalistic attempt to try and accomplish the law by deed while violating the spirit God had behind it.

In the book of Romans Paul makes it very clear that we’ve all sinned, whether it’s against God’s law or the law we have made for ourselves; either way we are condemned by it.  His point isn’t to feel bad or to try harder but rather to confess our shortcomings to God and receive the gift of salvation from His Son, which has already been obtained by His work on the cross.  The law isn’t built for us to achieve righteousness through, it’s built to show us we will never achieve on our own.

I think these moments highlight how absolutely hopeless we are without a savior that we would pin our hopes to a statistical impossibility for our financial future just like we pin our hopes for our eternal future on the complete impossibility of moral perfection or to use the cultural vernacular, being a ‘good person.’

As we prepare for Easter let’s submit to the reality that God loves us and out of that love made a way for us to know Him personally, not through what we do but by grace alone through faith alone in the work of Jesus on our behalf.

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