Independent People are Totally Dependent on God

This week has been so humbling for me.  The ministry is tiring and sometimes it gets very lonely but then there are other times where you just feel like you are trying to keep up with what God is doing, to the point where you wish you could just keep talking to God’s people and meeting with them and God rather than sleep or eat or be distracted by endless meetings.

We had a retreat with our High School students where we talked about God’s Will, I met with several students over the course of the weekend and afterwards with profound works of God happening in their lives.  I worked with a fellow staff member to intervene in a crisis situation with God’s grace and took an onslaught of questions from High School students on a range of topics.

But more than these things was a message from a friend of mine from High School that God is pursuing.  I confess that in High School I didn’t share with him the way that I should have because I didn’t want to risk the relationship and now, a decade later, he reached out to me.  After an extended conversation it is evident that God has his heart and the Spirit of God is wooing both him and his girlfriend.  What a humbling reality in the face of my lack of faith that he would pursue a relationship with me, years later.

In the week ahead I’m preaching in a couple of our main services on Sunday on the subject of contentment, working to launch new ministry and speaking to hundreds of students at a quarterly conference on a challenging text.

I don’t share this because I’m proud but because I’m humbled and incapable, I wonder if you stepped out in faith this week and admitted to God you can’t do anything without Him and you want to live totally dependent on Him, and then watched the results.  God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud…let’s humble ourselves.

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