God’s Will is Real…

This weekend we went to a beautiful spot with a bunch of High School students and studied God’s Word, trying to determine God’s Will for our lives.  It’s a subject that is often explored but many times we do it without primarily considering the Word of God.  This weekend we opened God’s Word and dug deep for what it means to pursue the will of God for our lives.

We looked at a number of passages (Romans 8:26-30; 1 Peter 4:1-6; 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8; Romans 12:1,2) and sent students home with even more to explore but there were two main principles I hope God put in the hearts of those who were there.

The first is that we must take seriously the pattern of life and faith set out in Scripture as the clearly revealed will of God for our lives, not an optional component to God’s will.  If we aren’t faithful to what is clearly revealed inside of a relationship with Jesus we are missing out on the deeper things of God’s Will for our lives.  Outside of a relationship with God the only reason we have the grace to live so that we might enter that relationship.

And the other is that the expectation God has for us isn’t good or better than others around us but absolute holiness and perfection.  Repeated over and over again in Scripture we see that God’s will for us is a total and complete heart devotion to Him.  Without this understanding we have no chance to pursue who God is; the standards set aren’t difficult, they’re impossible.  God wants to put us in situations where to live at peace, on mission and content in Him is impossible without Him supplying the power (Phil.4).

Camps have a tendency of being great experiences with little staying power but there are people from this weekend who I believe actually understood these two main concepts for the first time.  We had people receive Christ, refocus their lives and decide to engage the mission God has them on.

Pray for those who met with God this weekend and now return to life with the choice to be comfortable or really worship and really risk for the sake of the Gospel in a world poisoning itself every moment…

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