What Else? Reflecting on Christmas…

Hopefully Christmas for you is an unbelievable time to anticipate awesome gifts and time with family.  I can remember vivid moments of tearing apart wrapping paper and temporarily discarding each gift to quickly move to the next.  It was always exciting to amass the pile of stuff and know that there was more ahead.

The point I reflect on often though is when the last gift was opened without any special fanfare or preparation, you were left asking the question, “what else?”  I think this question is a pivotal one in analyzing where our focus and hope is.  Obviously as a kid at Christmas this was the moment where elation turned to immediate disappointment and what began as an exciting day with no end in sight became a reflection of what I wished I’d gotten instead.  Sure there was appreciation and enjoyment over what I’d received but it always felt like something was missing.

Now that I’m ‘old’ I think about that in terms of everything from gifts to career to money, even family.  We are constantly trying to satisfy ourselves by the things and people around us because we are looking for contentment in things that can’t provide it.

There’s a story in the Gospel of John (Chapter 4) where Jesus is sitting at a well with a woman who’s life was the picture of trying to find contentment with all the world had to offer and had been unsuccessful.  In the face of her immediate need for water Jesus offers her living water that will end her thirst and give her eternal life.

Did you know that 1 in 3 Americans don’t remember their Christmas gifts FROM LAST YEAR!?  Isn’t that shocking to consider when you think of how excited we all are when we receive what we really wanted just a couple days ago?  Maybe this is the year that you will reach out to something deeper and more profound the temporary satisfaction of stuff, Jesus is waiting for you…

1 Comments on “What Else? Reflecting on Christmas…”

  1. Great post. So true. It was an odd Christmas for our family this year. We’re all tight on finances and our schedules had us spread out. I found myself on Christmas morning, alone, reading Luke 2 at sunrise…with no gifts to open. I then joined my mom in cooking a meal for a family who had just lost their grandma the night before.

    It was odd, and I’m still processing all of it…but I think it was one of the best Christmas’ yet.

    Stuff is fleeting…He is not.

    Thanks for the reminder, Phil.

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