Celebrating ‘Independence’ Day

I was recently watching an episode of the show, “The Glee Project,” in which a group of kids compete for a guest role on the Show, “Glee.”  The episode I was watching centered around the theme of vulnerability and challenged the cast members to share something deep about themselves that demonstrated their spirit of vulnerability.  The things that the cast shared were heartbreaking and ran the gamut from a girl struggling with her weight who wore a sign that sad “Fat” to a really talented guy with the word “Gay” and even a girl who emotionally revealed the sexual abuse she had previously received in the music industry and wore “Used.”

It was really heartbreaking not strictly from the standpoint of the pain they were expressing but also the point of the show essentially being that it was all ok.  It didn’t matter what your struggle was or how hurtful you felt, if you just wore a sign with it and advertised your struggle somehow you could experience this deep self-discovery that would heal the problems.  I wanted to sit down with the kids in the show and pray for them, offer support, encourage and most of all tell them about JESUS.

There’s a period in the Old Testament where the nation of Israel would bounce back and forth in their obedience to God and when they were totally destitute the phrase that the Holy Spirit characterized their life was, “everyone did what was right in their own eyes (Jdgs21:25).”  Our modern day circumstances are no different.

We look at people on a show like this as Christians and we might be tempted to judge them for their life but they are just doing what they think is right in their eyes.  In Romans 2:1-5, Paul talks about how important it is that we understand who we shouldn’t judge, and that’s non-Christians.  If people don’t know Jesus they need Jesus; not a different behavior, not a different sexual orientation, not a different set of hobbies or tastes.  When we put behavior ahead of faith we are the religious leaders that Jesus was so opposed to; sincere to the core but dead in our hearts.

On this Independence Day let’s celebrate the independence we have from sin and death through Jesus and pray that many more would know this eternal independence.  Our culture is very different today that it was in those early days as a nation and morality is not the cure…Jesus was, is and always will be.


To God be the glory, for this country, for this world and for all of creation.

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