Top Podcasts from a Podcast Nerd

These are the top sixish podcasts I’m listening to in no particular order, largely for the benefit of our community group but here for everyone to enjoy and/or ridicule.

– Matt Chandler, Village Church. Matt offers incredibly clear messages and great story telling ability. His own battle with cancer has really given him a great clarity around the eternal purpose of our lives and the need to live in light of eternity. His recent Transitions series was excellent along these lines.

– Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Tim is knowledgeable and a really unique voice on the landscape of biblical communicators today. He’s empowering young communicators and avoiding some of the haphazard church polity direction that so many have embraced.

– Alistair Begg, Truth for Life. Alistair is a brilliant communicator and offers some of the strongest exposition we have in a current pastor. He is unapologetic and fierce in his application of God’s Word without being simply sensationalist.

– James MacDonald, Walk in the Word. James is really well suited for the follower of Jesus that wants clear application and a systematic approach to their faith development. He offers great topical messages that are really textual in nature.

– Francis Chan, Cornerstone. Francis Chan offers an incredibly authentic communication style where he is raw and honest about what the text says and how we relate to it. He is one of the easiest communicators to listen to from a style standpoint and one of the most difficult from a biblical conviction perspective.

-Mark Devers, Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Mark is a young and relevant communicator but intellectually rigorous and thoughtful considerations around leadership and church vision. ¬†Mark’s thoughts around leadership and intern programs are among the best I’ve heard.

All these guys are on iTunes under podcasts.

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