Admiring Order in a Fallen World

I was recently reflecting on a passage I taught to our High School students about the centrality of Jesus in everything from the whole universe to the very core of our personal existence from Colossians 1.  On a day like today in the Northwest when we all remember why we live here the beauty is almost indescribable.  Once things slow down in the evening it gets quieter and the beauty coexists with the order of a cool breeze, calm noises from the forest and the foliage that make this place so incredibly special.

Today though the thing that was incredible to think about was that this is what it looks like in a world marred by sin, irreparably damaged and destined for destruction.  This isn’t even a shadow of the incredible order, beauty and peace God’s people will experience in the eternity to come.  As I have thought about the Gospel in my own life, pressing into it more deeply I am convinced that it is far more about me having moments like this in God’s creation and reflecting on his love for me to motivate life change by His Spirit and not about behavior modification to fit the expectations of others.

From the cool beverage I sip for refreshment, to the sounds all around me, to the air that passes by and the breath that I continue to have I am forever indebted to a sovereign God for every moment.  Now I know that life isn’t always like this, most of the time mine isn’t either, we live in a world with deep hurt and awful suffering because of our sin as humankind but if we can experience this common grace here we should be blown away at what awaits us.  It reminds me of Romans 1 where Paul shares the culpability we all face because we experience God’s creation and there is no explanation apart from God and without supernatural intervention we suppress the truth with our sinful pride and idolatry.

If you are where it is nice out I would encourage you to just go sit and invite God to instill in you afresh a sense of appreciation for His all consuming power and love for you, regardless of how you feel about Him.  Our God is a God who loves, preserves, provides and protects.

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