Eastside United for the Gospel

This Wednesday night hundreds of students from all around the Eastside of Seattle are coming to Westminster to worship together, hear God’s Word proclaimed and ask honest questions about the Gospel.  To say I’m excited about this event is a HUGE understatement.

In Student Ministry the temptation is to talk a lot about what it means to be a Christian and how to fine tune a walk with Christ but unfortuantely the Gospel itself receives less attention than it should.  This week we’ll focus specifically on what the message of the Gospel is and how it can change everything for those who place their trust in Christ.

After students hear the Gospel communicated clearly we will have a panel of student pastors answering text, tweet and microphone questions for the rest of the evening.  While this is ‘risky’ to some I think the value of the authentic responses will challenge students to ask real questions and pursue real answers even beyond the time we have together.

Most who read this won’t be with us on Wednesday (7-8:30) because you’re an ‘old person,’ lol, or you’re not local, but would you pray?  I firmly believe that every word spoken, even from the panel during questions will be something that God has sovereignly allowed for a purpose and that in the free marketplace of ideas truth stands out the brightest.  If you’re praying I would love for you to just “like” this post on Facebook and I can share with students how many are praying for them on Wednesday night.  Also be praying our worship team students, several of whom will be leading worship for the event.

Thanks for your prayer partnership all around the world on this.

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