Road-trip Faith

Today we were heading down for our annual California trip with 9th graders and it was a really nice drive.  Now I say nice drive but I don’t mean the whole thing was nice.  We started in Seattle and made it down to northern California in a day and along the way we had periods of incredible beauty, torrential rain and even some snow!

Approaching a road trip for me is always interesting because I view it way differently that a drive down the street.  I prepare mentally as well as with supplies for the long drive ahead.  If a drive down the street turned into a cross country road trip I would be tired pretty quick but when you set out for a long trip that you know about you can be ready for the challenges ahead.

As we head on this trip it reminds me a lot of Student Ministry in general.  When faith is communicated as a brief sprint rather than the marathon that Scripture portrays it as we end up discouraged and frustrated by our immediate circumstances.  But if the Gospel is communicated clearly and the journey ahead depicted with accuracy then students can ‘count the cost’ (Lk. 14:28) of their relationship with Christ.

Just like the brief storms and distractions on a long road trip, a life that views relationship with God as eternal will see momentary setbacks as exactly that, temporary.  Additionally the broader perspective of our earthly life should be one of temporary placement for eternal significance.  Scripture communicates the ideas that we are morning dew, gone nearly immediately in the scope of eternity (Hs. 13:3) and essentially blind to the broader plan of God (Is. 55:8,9).

God is putting on my heart the perspective that no matter how hard it’s raining in my life there’s sun on the other side and hope for my life in Him.

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